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Stefan Löfving -Adventurer extraordinarie

The great Nordic war is full of heroes. But few where so spectacular as Stefan Löfving. A swashbuckling bravado of special warfare, freebooter and army intelligence. Stefan Löfving, or ‘the Löfving’ as he was often called, was born in Narva … Continue reading

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Spruce it up

This article is not about the 18th century per se, but rather about general woodsmanship.   I generally prefer doing my reenacting outdoors in the forests. Sweden is about 80% forested area so there is a lot of space to … Continue reading

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Swedish commoner of 18th Century.

I never had much interest in recreating nobles and macaronis. I always found the common man more interesting. I don’t really have a reason for this… maybe it is because I see to many aristocrats and I want to be … Continue reading

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Succariebread, Fieldprovisions of the 1718 campaign

The most tactical bread ever King Charles XII tried to invade Norway once before, in 1716. It did not go well, and part of this was that it was almost impossible to sustain the army. To succeed the King figured … Continue reading

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The Norwegian campaign of 1718 reenacted

In late October, early November 2015 we decided to reenact some up in the Jämtland mountains where the Carolean army staged the campaign of 1718 into Norway. One of our group has a little cabin in those mountains and we … Continue reading

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Knitted sweaters in 18:th century?

I have been trying to look into knitted garments in 18th century in Sweden and possibly the Nordic countries. We know there was socks, hats and possibly mittens. But what about waistcoats? or sweaters (in Sweden the same word for … Continue reading

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Footdragoons of the great Nordic war

This article is a short summary of the free companies of footdragoons used in mainly Finland and Norway by the swedish army during the great Nordic war. It will use captain Långströms company as an example. In short they where … Continue reading

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The year of 2015

A year as a footdragoon Yet another year has passed. The year 2015 came out being quite adventurous for the 18:th century. We where out on several smaller outings and some longer. Some of the group was preoccupied with the … Continue reading

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To beard or not to beard

Beards in the 18:th Century is a bit of a conundrum. The fashion of the time was to be clean-shaven. But does that mean that everyone was? Especially in the early part of the century the practise of shaving yourself had not … Continue reading

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